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Metro Made | The Bolt Cutter

Happy Father’s Day! In this Metro Made instalment I make a little BB shooter from the nuts and bolts isle at your local hardware store. A recent post over at the Slingshot Forum sparked the inspiration for this quick project. Literally taking all of 15 minutes, this little BB shooter is actually quite accurate once […]


Double Nomination for June SSOTM

Every month, the Slingshot Forum community nominates slingshots made in the previous month to be pitted in a friendly, juried competition. I am happy to report that not just one but TWO Metro Grade slingshots are in line to gain the coveted recipient of the title Slingshot Of The Month (SSOTM) Our Metro Grade Black […]


Metro Made | The Vulpes Aluminum Core

Working with an existing aluminum frame that is already structurally sound has a number of benefits, less time spend in beefing up the forks, less worry about the whole thing collapsing in the middle, but the biggest benefit is being able to concentrate on the adornments; the wood. In this Metro Made, I look at […]


Metro Made | The Wordsmith

Previously we had made the Flatland Flame for Prairie Fire‘s annual fundraiser, Speaking Volumes, and we promised to make two for them. In this short, but sweet post of Metro Made, we look at how we made the Wordsmith, a Scrabble™ themed slinger! Much like any other Metro Grade slinger, it starts with a core, […]


Metro Made | The Back Bender

Having been an avid collector of mid-century modern furniture and a huge admirer of the Eame’s design manufacturing sensibility, I wanted to see if I could take the lessons I’ve learned from one of Industrial Design’s masters and apply it to something else besides famous chairs. I am never one to compare myself direclty to […]

HarlCapuchin FB and TS

Metro Made | Harlequin Capuchin TS & FB Limited Edition

It’s been far too long and it’s time for another Metro Made post, this time around, something familiar to you returning Metro Made readers. If you are tuning in for the first time, welcome! Metro Made is the blog of Metro Grade Goods and how I turn raw materials in the stuff you see on […]

MGG Grivet Engraving

Metro Made | Grivet Slingshot

Been having a lot fun with the whole idea of compression tube/band attachment. In this post, we’ll go through a quick iteration and evolution of the mechanism. While the set screws are great for attaching bands, it still requires an Allen key. This new build method achieves a tool less adjustment. The Grivet slingshot is […]

505 Yoke Hero

Metro Made | The 505 Yoke aluminum slingshot

I know don’t know who thought of this first but it was pretty neat. I recently bought a couple of these figure 8’s with the idea that I could do the same, but I just couldn’t bring myself to just wrap flat bands on it. I finally got to making my own figure 8 slinger, this […]

Capuchin FB Hero

Coupon Alert! Christmas Target

Haven’t got anything for your elusive Christmas target yet? Nail them with a Metro Grade slinger!  Enter this code : XMASTARGET5 at check out and get 5% off your entire order. $10 flat rate world wide shipping. Check out our latest limited edition, the MGG Capuchin FB, only $45 + shipping. — Coupon can only be […]

Recurve Skeluchin Hero

Metro Made | Recurve Skeluchin

The last time we posted about the Metro Grade Skeluchin, we showed off the amazing laser cut frames wrapped in paracord. We got to thinking and looked at our collection of Chinese style slingshots, some of which are recurved for a more ergonomic handle and shooting experience. Since we had another one of the Skeluchin […]

Skeluchin Face

Metro Made | Steel Skeluchin Prototype

Ever since we got really obsessed about slingshots, we found there is a clear distinction between styles of slingshot designs and their band/tube attachment methods. Traditional Chinese style slingshot are typically manufactured from stainless steel and often have holes at the top of the forks for the ultra thin rubber tubing. Chinese slingshots are typically […]

Plexiglass Capuchin Face

Metro Made | Video – Plexiglass Capuchin Slingshot

Acrylic Plexiglass is one of materials that has so many uses and finishes that it’s hard to miss when used correctly. Often mistaken for polycarbonate (Lexan), Plexiglas isn’t the bullet proof plastic, it’s the hard, semi strong material that can be made completely clear again after being machined. Unlike Polycarbonate plastic, acrylic CAN be cut […]


Metro Made Introduction

Welcome to Metro Made, the companion blog to Metro Grade Goods. Here you’ll find videos and posts showing how we make things. You’ve come to the slice of the internet where we at Metro Grade Goods like to show off a bit. By show off, we don’t mean hot images of our stuff, but to show you how we go from […]