505 Yoke Slingshot


The 505 Yoke slingshot is a sturdy, lightweight pocket friendly slingshot made from a solid aluminum figure 8 climbing descender.

With no moving parts, and an accurate through the fork shooting style, the 505 Yoke will last several lifetimes. The red anodizing is complimented by matching sleeves of 5080 tubing on the forks for a positive grip.

To see how the 505 Yoke slingshot was made, check out Metro Made blog post: 505 Yoke Slingshot 

The 505 will come pre-loaded with a pseudo-tapered 1842 tubing band set and a Metro Grade Cap’N’Roo GP Pouch¬†for 1000’s of target smashing shots. (Photos show a hand made pouch, but will ship with the black Cap’N’Roo pouch)

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