Alder Boy BB Clove


The BB Clove is a scaled down slingshot designed for the smaller hands of kids. While the frame is small, it still comfortable for full size adult hands.

The BB Clove uses the Clove band attachment specifically sized for the light weight 1/8″ pure latex tubing we carry. The design allows for infinite adjustment of band length and relatively quick band attachment (with the add of some floss). Thanks to the configuration, the tubing is orientated in a TTF fashion which is regarded as one of the most accurate styles of attachment.

The Alder Boy BB Clove is crafted from solid 3/4″ Alder wood, known for being a versatile hardwood that will darken and grow more red with age. The surface is sanded to 800 grit and coated with Boiled Linseed Oil to preserving the wood’s finish while allow for a natural grip feeling.

Will come banded with 1/8″ latex tubing and a single layer kangaroo pouch designed for .177 bbs.

3″wide, 4″ long, .75″ thick.

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