Alugator Maker Kit – Maple


Are you the hands on type? Want a project that really shoots stuff out of the air? Then look no further!

With the Alugator Maker Kit, you can build you own Alugator Slingshot*.

Each Maple kit will come with:

  • -unfinished 1/4″, water jet cut, 6061 aircraft grade aluminum frame
  • -1/4″, laser cut Baltic Birch template (or use it as an extra layer for a palm swell under the hardwood)
  • -2 x 1/4″ laser cut/engraved hardwood scales (oversized 1mm so you can sand it back)

The frame and scales have pre-cut pilot holes ready to be sized for any size pin or tube stock you wish to use. A 82 degree counter sink is recommended for chamfering the holes.

*Elbow grease not included 

**Finished slingshot not included, used only for demostration purposes. 

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