1/8″ Aluminum Capuchin Core


The Aluminum Capuchin core is a water jet cut, 6061 aircraft grade, metal frame based on our Capuchin design. The Aluminum Capuchin comes unfinished, straight from the shop so it can be laminated into a sandwich for strengthening or used a stand alone slingshot (with some finishing)

Available in 2 thicknesses, .125″ (3.25mm) and 25″ (6.5mm). Both have undersized pin holes ready to be drilled out to .125″ for pins when laminating wood or other materials to it. The fork tips have a looped tube slot and two notches for OTT flat band shooting.

Fork Gap: 2″, Dimensions: 3″ x 5″

We love pushing the limit with our wood slingers, but sometimes when you want the durable strength of metal….you have to use metal!

Please note: Since these are sourced directly from our water jet cutter, the surface may have overspray of the abrasives that are used to cut the aluminum. 

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