Capuchin Tapped Tab TTF Slingshot Core


The Capuchin frame is one our most treasured frames since it’s great for both beginner and advanced slingshot shooters. Our original Capuchin coreĀ featured OTT band grooves for flat bands and a band slot/hole for looped tubes. This completely new variation on one of our oldest frames features one a growing favourite, the Tapped Tab attachment system.

Tapping the hole with a 1/4-20 or M6 thread allows for a bolt to attach a 1/2′ wide leather tab to attach bands to. Reducing band wear, increasing band life and making shooting quieter is why we love tabs so much.

Not only is this variation different for band attachment, it is also the first time a Capuchin frame can shoot Through The Fork (TTF). TTF shooting nearly eliminates hand slaps and is regarded as one of the most accurate styles of shooting. The Capuchin also features a pinky hole which locks the frame in the hand and aids in the loose archer’s grip we all look for.

3″ wide, 4.5″ tall and a 1.65″ fork gap.

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