Checkmate Jester Slingshot Core


The Jester is part of our Checkmate series of slingshots. While there is no jester on a chess board, we felt it was fitting that a Jester be present in the King’s court. This playful frame is a lot of fun to shoot and it’s diminutive size is perfect for pocket carry.

Narrow in size and nearing the proportions of a PFS, the Jester is a Spanish tabbed style slingshot. Most notable is our Tap/Tab/Screw band attachment. A slot in each fork tip allow for a 1/2″ wide leather tab to be threaded through the frame for a OTT slingshot experience. A narrow 1″ fork gap is just enough for a pouch to pass through, making this a slingshot for advanced shooters.

The 1/4″ 6061 aluminum is stiff by yielding to power and hand tools and can be adorned with any material that accepts adhesives. A 3/16″ hole in the fork is ready to be tapped with a 1/4-20 or M6 thread.

*Finished examples are for demonstrative purposes only, this is for a core only.

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