Colt HDPE Slingshot


The Colt slingshot was drafted by Mark Todd, the designer of the Mule slingshot. It is a mix of classic UK catty design, modern rubber and ergonomic considerations. While this may not exactly what he intended, we thought it was fitting of it to at least bear the same name.

Our version of the Colt is CNC machined from 3/4″ textured HDPE which is both lightweight AND resilient. Designed to be held in a finger and thumb brace (or with larger hands, a pinch grip) a intentionally slimmed waist area which gives a positive lock for the middle finger for a sure grip.

Sitting at 3.25″ wide and a narrower fork gap of 1.75″, the Colt shoots like a big slingshot, but feels like a compact shooter. The .75″ fork tips can be fitted with strong bands due to the geometry of the sweeping grip area.

Don’t wait to find out what the Colt has to offer, tame your own now!


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