C+pult Slingshot


Remember that time that you did that thing where you said the word that really made that guy at school mad? This slingshot is for that time.

The C+pult is an grade school themed art slingshot. In the center, pencil shavings and cork are resin cast into the voids. This is capped with a plexiglas window and a walnut hat. On the otherside, custom paper micarta with its blue, pink, white and black layers mimic lined paper. The final touch is a big blob of polymer clay to simulate grape gum.

The C+pult is build on one of our Three-Trick-Pony cores, which means it can shoot three different types of bandsets. OTT Flatbands, Looped Tubes and using the Wave attachment, Single Tube bandsets.

Make sure you get it on the first try, or you’ll get slapped in the wrist!


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