Cthulhu HDPE Slingshot


When the Kraken and the Hydra can’t get the job done, say hello to Cthulhu, the biggest and baddest of the deep groove gripper HDPE slingshots.

CNC milled from 3/4″ textured HDPE polymer, the Cthulhu shares the same grip as the Kraken and Hydra, but the thicker frame fills the hand to brace against larger, more powerful bands. With .85″ square tips, flatbands or tubes can be attached in either TTF or OTT configuration. Looped tubes can be attached by cutting a slot into the tip’s centre hole. A generous 2.25″ for gap is plenty of room for bands to clear through when shooting TTF.

3.8″ wide, 5″ tall, 2.25″ fork gap, .75″ thick.

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