Dashi PFS Slingshot


Inspired by traditional hand forged and ground tools, the Dashi PFS is a slingshot named after the chisel ground Kiridashi blade. 

We took an Aluminum Wasply PFS core, sand blasted it and then rubbed it with dye to colourize the metal. Selected edges where machined for ergonomics and the forktips where polished to extend band life as well as give it that final Kiridashi look. A resin dipped, modified Tsuda-Maki Ito wrap was done with gutted 550 Paracord to complete the look and feel.

The Dashi PFS will cut paper as fast as you can draw it back.

Overall Dimensions: 2.2″ wide, 4.5″ tall, .25″ thick.

Will come banded with a short 1745 set of bands with a black Cap’N’Roo GP pouch.

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