Dog Tabs Aluminum EDC Slingshot Core


Dog tags, a symbol of identity, each unique set emblazoned with the wearer’s name. These cores are styled after those tag.

The Dog Tab EDC slingshot is a set of dog tag style cores that can be finished with some simple hand tools and sandpaper. The Slingshot Dog Tab uses our Tapped Tab band attachment and the holes can be tapped with 1/4-20 threads. With a thumb grip hole and jimping on the sides of the Slingshot Dog Tab, it can be held in a few different ways.

Paired with the Slingshot Dog Tab is a Opener Dog Tab, with a large empty face ready to accept letter punches for initials. A thumb groove and finger jimping aid the persuasion of caps from beverages.

Both Dog Tabs have a 1/4″ hole so they can be worn on a traditional ball chain, linked up as a pair on a keychain, or separated for individual use.

*Finished Dog Tab image is for demo only

** The Dog Tabs will come connected and need to be separated prior to finishing.

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