Harlequin Capuchin FB (limited)


Our finest slingshots to date. The Harlequin pattern was developed when we were playing around with our Loris design. With a lot of left over exotic hardwoods in the shop, it would be silly to throw those away. With the aid of a laser cutter, some hard work and sheer will, we are proud to offer a limited edition of 4 of these Harlequin Capuchin FB (Flat Band) slingshots.

The Harlequin Capuchin FB uses the Metro Grade exclusive band slot/band guide attachment system for easy band replacement and adjustment.

Each one is laser etched with the Metro Grade skull, numbered and model denoted on the back side. Will come banded with a set of Theraband Gold or .03/.04 pure latex bands with a Heifer GP pouch.

The list of woods use to create the Harlequin pattern:

Baltic Birch plywood core, Rock Maple, American Black Walnut, Honduran Mahogany, Chatke-Kok, Maple Veneer ,Ebony Veneer, Zebrawood Veneer, Solid Manitoba Birch, Paduak and Oak. 

The entire build process of the Harlequin Capuchins can be seen h here in our Metro Made blog.

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