Jade O’Cuchin Slingshot


One of our first aluminum core slingshot design was the Capuchin with dozens of finished frames leaving the shop. The O’Cuchin is exactly what you think it is, a Capuchin with the Simple Shot Shooting Sports Ocularis® band attachment system. The added advantage of the wider fork gap than Metro Grade slingshot frames, the O-Cuchin can be shot TTF, OTT and even at 45 degree hybrid with notches for aim and centering tube sets.

This Jade O-Cuchin is shaped from a solid slab of 1/2″ jade G10 fiberglass composite which nearly bullet proof. The the front scale is also solid blue G10. Stainless steel screws help hold down the scale while looking unique.

Will include a set of Simple Shot Shooting Sports Ocularis® plugs.

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