Loris PFS Hybrid Slingshot


The Metro Grade Loris is a Pickle Fork Shooter Hybrid style slingshot made popular by Youtube slingshot veteran pfshooter. Requiring patience, practiced technique and instinctive aiming, the PFS is not for beginners.

The Loris is made up of 4 laminated layers of premium Baltic birch plywood, hand finished, triple coated with acrylic sealing spray and finally buffed for a silky smooth exterior.

The Loris PFS features a unique compression tube attachment method*, doing away with the cluttered look of wrapped banding. The Loris PFS is 1″ (25mm) thick, 4.25″ (110mm) tall and 2.35″ (6cm) wide with a fork gap of 1″ (25mm). The Loris PFS will come banded with a set of red 2050 tube, 4070 tube protective sleeves and a hand cut, double suede ammo pouch. The Loris will also ship with a matching Allen wrench.

Don’t forget to flip!

Development and how the Loris PFS ** was made can be seen here: Metro Made | Loris Build

*To see how the compression tube attachment works, go here: Compression Tube Attachment

**Please note that the production Loris PFS does not have the scallop veneer detail shown in the Metro Made post.

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