Marmoset FB Slingshot


The Marmoset FB (Flat Band) is a high performance target/hunting slingshot.  Optimized for Theraband Gold band sets, the laser cut band slot and unique band guide keep the band straight shot after shot without any shifting. The Marmost is designed to be shot sideways with a consistent anchor point (on the cheek, corner of the mouth etc). The iron sight on top allows for consistent, on target, shots and reliable accuracy when hunting.

Like all Metro Grade Goods slingshots, the Marmoset will come banded up and ready to shoot right out of the box.

Each Marmoset is laser etched/cut, hand finished and triple coated in polyurethane for the ultimate in precision and accuracy, instilling confidence in its wielder. The Marmoset FB is limited to an edition of 10 slingshots.

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