Metbro Classic Plywood Slingshot Maker Kit


Inspired by the iconic Milbro shooter introduced in 1950’s Britian, the Metbro Classic is our take on the timeless design. The single hole band attachment can host many styles of rubber and the thumb ramp is replaced with a simple 1/2″ hole at the base of the forks.

This Metbro Classic Maker Kit comprises of a water-jet cut Metbro Classic frame, two laser cut 1/4″ Baltic Birch scales and a length of 5080 black rubber tubing for the fork arm grips*. Two, undersized .12″ holes can be drilled out to accommodate .125″ rod, tubing or barrel screws*. The scales are oversized by 1mm so that they can be sanded and finished flush with the frame perfect and to your liking.

For that classic look and shape, but with modern feel and twist, the Metbro Classic Maker Kit is your sight picture into catapult history.

*1/8″ rod, tubing and barrel scales for pining the scales is not included.

** Finished slingshot is made from Oak, does not reflect finished product of this kit.

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