Orange Brownie Jester Slingshot


The Orange Brownie Jester is the second slingshot in our Checkmate series. Following the footsteps of the Knight, the Jester uses the same tapped/tab attachment for reliable tab and band alignment for every shot. The leather tab is held in place securely with 1/4-20 stainless steel slot head screws and then weaved through the fork tip for a classic OTT configuration.

The Jester is a smaller frame, similar in ergonomics to a PFS, but with a more forgiving 1″ fork gap. Built on a solid 6061 aluminum core, Orange Brownie Jester can be held upright or sideways, finger/thumb brace or pinch grip.

On the front of the Orange Brownie is bookmatched brown ebony sandwiching a rosewood (pau ferro) spine, spaced with maple veneers. This sandwich is laid on top of a red spacer and then scalloped for comfort. On the back side, a full orange osage wood scale with a black liner. This is all topped off with aluminum pins and a Padauk makers mark.

Sanded to 800 grit for a smooth texture and finished with a boiled linseed oil treatment.

Width: 2.7″ Height: 4.5″ Thickness: .875″

Will come banded with 1/8″ latex tubing, and with additional 1/2″ wide leather tabs.

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