Orange Peel Capuchin Slingshot


We recently found a stash of Capuchin aluminum cores, with a vast library of cores, you can understand if we misplace a few from time to time!

With it’s recent re-discovery, we decided to scale one up with some orange peel-ply G10 fiberglass. With it’s unique surface texture, peel-ply is grippy but not overly aggressive. The aluminum core is accented with stainless steel M3 screws and a silver maker’s mark. With a stonewash, tumbled finish, the Orange Peel Capuchin isn’t afraid of getting used.

Designed to be held pinch grip style, the Capuchin’s ergonomics is aided by a pinky hole which helps counter act band pressure. Equipped with band slots for looped tubes and grooves for OTT wrap-and-tuck style band attachment.

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