Platapus Slingshot


What do you get when you make a palm swell that looks like a duck bill and combine it with a silver aluminum Capuchin frame?

You get the Platapus (plata-silver) Slingshot! The Platapus is built around the Capuchin 1/4″ aluminum core and scaled with a Maple slab and a heavily shaped, laminated Rosewood, Maple and Purple Heart palmswell. With tube slots for looped tube sets, band slots for tying on 3/4″ flats, and a hole large enough for 1/4″ tube (with a ball in tube setup), the Platapus can do it all.

Dimensions: 3″ wide, 1.75″ fork gap, 5″ tall. .25″ core and 1.25″ thick palm swell/scale combo.

Will come banded with a looped black tubing set.


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