Red Palm Thunder Colt Slingshot


The Colt follows the classic British Cup-style slingshot, designed by Mark Todd.

This aluminum version is designed to be held in a finger and thumb brace (or with larger hands, a pinch grip) a intentionally slimmed waist area which gives a positive lock for the middle finger for a sure grip. The 1/2″ thick frame is hand finished and lightly tumbled for a shiny surface.

The thicker 1/2″ thick, stabilized Red Palm scale fills the hand while the thinner 1/4″ dark Cocobolo scale is shaped to have the fingers wrap around it. A yellowheart makers mark is decorates the Red Palm, and the scales are attached to the frame with blackened stainless steel screws. The scales are finished with a mixture of beeswax and linseed oil.

Band grooves help keep bands in place and the holes are designed to either attach paracord tabs or use the snare-and-wrap technique of attaching tubular rubber.

Width: 3.25″, 6.5″ tall, 1.75″ fork gap.


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