Scarlet Beetle PFS


The Scarlet Beetle PFS* is named after the Scarlet Lily Beetle, which devours lilies with little regard.

Crafted from a multilayered and sculpted lamination of Walnut, Purple Heart, Paduak spaced with Cherry and Maple veneers. Using a triple thickness of maple and zebrawood veneer, the unique topslot allows for clean and effective band attachment. Simple roll up the end of the band, clamp one side into some foreceps and pull it into slot, let it go and let friction take over.

Dimensions: 2.2″ wide, 4.5″ tall, .75″ thick (at the fork tips) and each fork tip is .75″ wide.

*The Scarlet Beetle PFS is a pickle fork shooter style slingshot which requires a special technique to shoot.

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