Sifaka BB Slingshot


The Sifaka BB is a tiny slingshot aimed at causal target shooters who prefer to chase cans around with BB’s than devastating them. Made from laminated and laser cut Baltic birch plywood, and triple coated and buffed acrylic coating, the Sifaka BB is built to last

Outfitted with 1/8″ OD latex tubing and a laser cut kangaroo leather ammo pouch, the Sifaka BB is optimized for shooting .177 – .25 sized ammo. Gripped fully into the hand, the minute frame measures 3″ (75mm) wide 3.75″ (95mm) tall and an inner fork width of 2″ (50mm). The longer band set, with an active length of 10″, provides plenty of power for light weight ammo and can accommodate a draw length between 25″ to 31″.

Get one and start chasing your own cans.


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