Slim Walnut Bishop Slingshot


The Bishop is part of our Checkmate series slingshot and is built on one of our 1/4″ aluminum cores. Along with the Knight, the Rook, the Pawn and the Jester, the Bishop is unique in it’s application but similiar in size to the rest of the full sized Checkmate frames.

This custom Bishop slingshot is adorned with slim 1/8″ thick black Walnut scales and red liners. Detailed with brass pins and tubing and a Caribbean Rosewood marker mark.

The Bishop is an exclusive tube shooting slingshot with two ways to attach bands. The larger holes at the tips have slots to accommodate looped or pseudo tapered band sets. The tips also incorporate our Wave attachment for sling tube attachments.

The Slim Walnut Bishop is finished in a boiled linseed bathed followed by a buffed beeswax coat.

1/2″ thick, 3.5″ wide, 5″ tall.

See the Wave attachment here:

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