Slingshot Pouch Sampler Kit


As they say…different horses for different courses. This sample kit of our best slingshot pouch shape is designed to give you the widest range of experience when it comes to different types of materials and pouches. Everything from BBs to 3/8″ size ammo, there’s a pouch for each one.

In this kit you’ll get a dozen .5″x2″ pouches with 1/8″ rubber holes and a 3/32 center hole. Included will be 2 of each:

  • Single Layer Kangaroo (ideal for BBs and 1/4″)
  • Single Layer Cowhide (thin, black)
  • Single Layer Cowhide (thick, seafoam)
  • Single Layer Latigo (thick, black, treated with wax and oils)
  • Bonded 2 Layer Cap’N’Roo pouch (red cowhide and white kanagroo)
  • Bonded 2 Layer Napa Pouch (red cowhide and black Napa leather)

Use one and if you like it, continue using it and order more from us. Don’t like one? You didn’t break the bank to find out!


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