Sunbeam Tyton Slingshot


The Sunbean Tyton is slim and compact custom slingshot.

Crafted with an aluminum core, the Sunbeam Tyton is decorated with yellow vulcanized fiberboard liners, copper tubing and two thin 1/8″ thick scales of Caribbean Rosewood. With its subtle, yet distinct grain patterns, Caribbean Rosewood is definitely a unique exotic hardwood.

The Tyton frame is designed to be shot sideways or upright and the slim profile of the Sunbeam variant makes for a very pocket friendly shooter. Each fork tip has band grooves for an Over-The-Top band configuration.

The Rosewood is finished to 800 grit with a mixture of Beeswax and Boiled Linseed oil for that natural wood texture. This can be applied again and again to bring the lustre of the wood.

3″ wide, 4.5″ tall, just over .5″ thick.


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