Wacky Walnut Checkmate Knight Slingshot


The Checkmate Knight is one our favourite designs. Every feature was designed around the unique tab system, a generous fork gap, curvy handles and shape, the Checkmate Knight is pared down Spanish style slingshot.

The unique selection of black walnut used for the front scale of this Knight has an colour shift from grey to brown to black to red, making for a striking grain structure. If this wood could talk, we are sure it would have some stories to tell to have those kinds of grain colours. A nice textured elm makers mark adds to the storied wood. The back side is a beautiful slab of dark, hard East Indian Rosewood, typically found on guitar fret boards.

Designed for finger and thumb brace and upright shooting, but we’ve also enjoyed shooting this slinger sideways as well.

4.25″ wide, 4.75″ tall, 2.25″ fork gap.

Will ship with 2 pairs of boot leather, laser cut tabs.


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