Walnut Capuchin TS Slingshot


This, one of a kind, slingshot is made from premium, American walnut wood sandwiching an oak wood core. The Capuchin is a smaller frame, fitting most hands and measures 75mm wide and 120mm tall, with a grip width of 55mm. The wood is laser cut, laminated and hand finished to a high gloss. Featuring functional brass stability pins and a brass lined lanyard hole, the Capuchin TS has a classic look with modern manufacturing methods.

The Capuchin TS (Tube Shooter) utilizes a quick attachment slot for looped tube sets, the positioning allow for a the tubes to self centre on the top of the forks when at full draw. The Capuchin TS was made along side its cousin, the Capuchin FB (Flat Band).

The Capuchin TS will come pre-banded with a looped 1842, pseudo tapered, latex tubing with a laser cut leather ammo pouch optimized for 9.5mm steel bearings. The TS will also ship with an additional 1842 band set.

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