Walnut Vesper Slingshot


Hand shaped walnut spaced with royal blue spacer material, this Vesper is anything but common.

The curvy shape allows for a number of different grips (finger/thumb brace, pinch and hammer) and supports side shooting with the aid of a pinky hole. The Vesper slingshot features a unique Wave Tube Attachment developed by slingshot crafter Karl Weidhaas. The tubes undulate through the frame resulting in a secure, but easy way to attach a tubeset. In addition to the Wave, band grooves for attaching flat bands as well as a slot for looped tubes are also present. It makes for a different take on a universal fork tip.

Pinned with brass and a copper/steel mosaic pin this Vesper is ready to take back the night.

4″″ wide, 4.6″ long, fork gap 2.25″, forktip .8″ wide.

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