Recurve Skeluchin Hero

Metro Made | Recurve Skeluchin

The last time we posted about the Metro Grade Skeluchin, we showed off the amazing laser cut frames wrapped in paracord. We got to thinking and looked at our collection of Chinese style slingshots, some of which are recurved for a more ergonomic handle and shooting experience. Since we had another one of the Skeluchin […]

Skeluchin Face

Metro Made | Steel Skeluchin Prototype

Ever since we got really obsessed about slingshots, we found there is a clear distinction between styles of slingshot designs and their band/tube attachment methods. Traditional Chinese style slingshot are typically manufactured from stainless steel and often have holes at the top of the forks for the ultra thin rubber tubing. Chinese slingshots are typically […]

Plexiglass Capuchin Face

Metro Made | Video – Plexiglass Capuchin Slingshot

Acrylic Plexiglass is one of materials that has so many uses and finishes that it’s hard to miss when used correctly. Often mistaken for polycarbonate (Lexan), Plexiglas isn’t the bullet proof plastic, it’s the hard, semi strong material that can be made completely clear again after being machined. Unlike Polycarbonate plastic, acrylic CAN be cut […]


Metro Made Introduction

Welcome to Metro Made, the companion blog to Metro Grade Goods. Here you’ll find videos and posts showing how we make things. You’ve come to the slice of the internet where we at Metro Grade Goods like to show off a bit. By show off, we don’t mean hot images of our stuff, but to show you how we go from […]