Miyoo Mini Servicing Tray

Florida Ridge $10.00

http://philldiscgolf.com/edit-form.php The Miyoo Mini has become one of the best retro handheld gaming systems in recent times due to its form factor, size and emulation capabilities. Not only is the Miyoo Mini one of the most popular handhelds, it is one of the most modified with swappable buttons, upgraded triggers and a plethora of carrying options.

This custom service tray is sized exclusively for the Miyoo Mini so the screen is protected and the buttons are not depressed when servicing your Miyoo Mini. EVA foam protects the screen from scratches and the mirrored cut outs allow the buttons to drop below the surface of the Miyoo Mini so the conductive rubber pads don’t pop off after they are installed.

EVA foam colour will vary in colour.