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Metro Made | Maple/Purple Heart Gibbon

where to order Pregabalin online We love dressing up production models and this one is dressed to the nines!

We took a Metro Grade Gibbon frame as a core, then laser cut alternating maple and purple heart slabs.

The laser cutter we use give us a perfect kerf line thick enough for us to insert some real wood veneer to fill in the gap. What’s more awesome zebra wood? Not much. Turning it on edge, the cross grain of the zebra wood makes for a great subtle detail.

Gibbon Hero


After waiting for the glue to set (under compression), all the faces where sanded to reveal a flush surface, then select edges were rounded with a router. Coyote brown paracord completes the look and feel, acting as a thumb pad for those with larger hands.

Maple PH:Gibbon Hero2

Maple:PH Gibbon Hero1

Maple:PH Gibbon Face2

Maple:PH Gibbon Face1




2 thoughts on “Metro Made | Maple/Purple Heart Gibbon

  1. This one for sell or one of a kind?

    1. This one is a one off, we hope to offer more exotic wood versions of our slings, and this one eventually.

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