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Metro Made | The Wordsmith

Previously we had made the Flatland Flame for Prairie Fire‘s annual fundraiser, Speaking Volumes, and we promised to make two for them. In this short, but sweet post of Metro Made, we look at how we made the Wordsmith, a Scrabble™ themed slinger!

Much like any other Metro Grade slinger, it starts with a core, some lamination layers and the ever important outside face. Here you can see the maple game squares being cut out.


I wanted this to have a little pop on all angles and much like the Tukey SHUCKAPOW!, there is a layer of Purple Heart on both sides of the core sandwiching some contrasting veneers. The rose wood underneath is going to be used for the tips.


After glueing, clamping and sanding the edges, it was back to the laser to etch on the M, G and the G and their letter scores.



Tadah! The nerdiest slingshot of all time! Too bad MGG wouldn’t actually count as a word.


On the back side, a cherry face was carefully selected to have a symmetrical grain so that the rings matched up with the graphics and lettering.


Soon after, routing the edges, contact sanding the scallops and lots of hand sanding, it was paint booth time.



….and the final result! This will be banded up with some 1/4 surgical tubing and it’s off to the event!



In case you didn’t see the Flatland Flame, here is it.

MGG Flatland Flame Hero







We hope these slings bring in a lot to support the best local magazine around these parts.

Thanks for reading.

Huy -Stay True- _Eric



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