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Metro Grade Tuff Udder Pouches

When building custom slingshots, there three key areas of focus, the frame, the bands and the pouch. The last one often overlooked but it’s one of the most important parts of the slingshot.

We’d like to introduce the first Metro Grade Tuff Udder pouch: The Big Bertha.

Holding the ammo correctly, catapulting it forward, retaining its shape, these are all features of a good ammo pouch design.

Here’s a quick video of the pouches:

We started with a 1/8″ thick, heavily oiled cow hide and threw it under the laser cutter. The design features a ventilated body for increased speed and reduced weight. A middle hole centers the ammo perfectly for consistent results shot after shot.

Tuff Udder  Fold


The laser cutting left the surface dirty, marred with soot and residue. Since we wanted to wash these pouches with a light detergent to remove the surface oil, the bath also removed the grim.

Tuff Udder Fresh Cut

We wanted to start out Tuff Udder series with the biggest and most versatile one, allowing the slinger to shoot anything from 1/4″ steel balls to big rocks found in the wild.

Tuff Udder  Ammo Scale

Just under 3″, the Big Bertha isn’t a small pouch, so it’s ideal for heavier band sets.

Tuff Udder  Measure