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Metbro Unishot Hero

Introducing the Metbro Unishot and Classic

We are super proud to introduce our latest aluminum cores, the Metbro Unishot and Classic. Based on the vintage Milbro shooter from mid-century Britain, the Metbro is our interpretation and modern update of the classic boyhood icon.     Seen enough? Want more? Get yours here: Metbro Unishot & Metbro Classic     


Double Nomination for June SSOTM

Every month, the Slingshot Forum community nominates slingshots made in the previous month to be pitted in a friendly, juried competition. I am happy to report that not just one but TWO Metro Grade slingshots are in line to gain the coveted recipient of the title Slingshot Of The Month (SSOTM) Our Metro Grade Black […]

HarlCapuchin FB Giveaway-01

Contest! Chance to win a Harlequin Capuchin

If you haven’t gone and liked our Facebook page, you should. Why..? Because we are holding a big contest, with a chance to win one of our prized Metro Grade Harlequin Capuchin FB’s!  All you have to do is like the top post about the contest, share the link and then in the comments, guess […]

Tuff Udder Hero

Metro Grade Tuff Udder Pouches

When building custom slingshots, there three key areas of focus, the frame, the bands and the pouch. The last one often overlooked but it’s one of the most important parts of the slingshot. We’d like to introduce the first Metro Grade Tuff Udder pouch: The Big Bertha. Holding the ammo correctly, catapulting it forward, retaining its […]

Capuchin FB Hero

Coupon Alert! Christmas Target

Haven’t got anything for your elusive Christmas target yet? Nail them with a Metro Grade slinger!  Enter this code : XMASTARGET5 at check out and get 5% off your entire order. $10 flat rate world wide shipping. Check out our latest limited edition, the MGG Capuchin FB, only $45 + shipping. — Coupon can only be […]