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Metro Made | The Spanish Cafe Racer Slingshot

The best thing about slingshots is that it is like a very large pie, each slice a different flavour. One particular slingshot flavour is the legendary Spanish target style shooter. The Spanish Target Style has more in common with Olympic style free pistol and recurve bow target shooting than slingshots. With ergonomically shaped handles, adjustable […]


Metro Made | The Molly Pick-Nick Slingshot

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to come across some new materials gifted to me by a fellow slingshot crafter, something called GPO3. GPO3 is a loose fill fibreglass composite, commonly used to insulate electrical installations. Like all things that are flat and tough, most times knife makers will use it to graft onto […]


Metro Made | The Taser PFS

This project, titled the Taser PFS, couples a number of things that I love: machining metal on a lathe, working with stabilized wood and using leather tabs for attaching rubber to a sling. This all started when I was poking around YouTube trying see what other country’s slingshot tournaments looked like. I came across this […]


Metro Retro Made | Stanley No. 64 Spokeshave

Our last Metro Retro Made featured the restoration of a unique, stubby handled brush. In the same purchase, I also found a nice looking spokeshave. Spoke shaves work a lot like hand planes, but instead of pushing the blade forward, the blade is drawn towards you. This allows for very light, precise curls on cylindrical […]


Metro Made | The Nibbler Natural PFS

Been a little quiet here, mostly because it is summer and it’s hard to ignore the call of the outdoors. In this instalment of Metro Made, we make a natural Pickle Fork Shooter! Instead of reading about it…how about you watch this nice video. Grab some popcorn and a soda!    


Metro Made | The Bolt Cutter

Happy Father’s Day! In this Metro Made instalment I make a little BB shooter from the nuts and bolts isle at your local hardware store. A recent post over at the Slingshot Forum sparked the inspiration for this quick project. Literally taking all of 15 minutes, this little BB shooter is actually quite accurate once […]

Alugator Hero

Metro Made | The Alugator Slingshot

In this Metro Made post, I go through how I finished my first aluminum core slingshot: The Alugator. Very recently a shipment of 6061 Aluminum 1/4″ Capuchin design came into the shop. These were specially designed to be stand alone slingshots after some finishing or other scale materials could be laminated on it. Aluminum is […]

MGG Supernatural Mesquito Green Pouch

Metro Made | Mesquito UNnatural

Working with uniformly planed wood is often very nice, however the surprise of a natural fork is always welcome. True hand carved natural tree-fork slingshot are timeless, but they just don’t excite me as much.  When a friend sent me a huge mesquite wood fork, I knew exactly what to do with it. I have […]


Metro Made | The Back Bender

Having been an avid collector of mid-century modern furniture and a huge admirer of the Eame’s design manufacturing sensibility, I wanted to see if I could take the lessons I’ve learned from one of Industrial Design’s masters and apply it to something else besides famous chairs. I am never one to compare myself direclty to […]

MGG Black Horse Hero

Metro Made | The Dark Horse

Sometimes, a nice long, complicated project is all you need to really get over your creative slump. Carefully calculating how things go together, taking the time to properly do clamp things down and lovingly polishing your new creation, it’s all in the details. The Dark Horse is exactly that. After doing some tests, all the […]

HarlCapuchin FB and TS

Metro Made | Harlequin Capuchin TS & FB Limited Edition

It’s been far too long and it’s time for another Metro Made post, this time around, something familiar to you returning Metro Made readers. If you are tuning in for the first time, welcome! Metro Made is the blog of Metro Grade Goods and how I turn raw materials in the stuff you see on […]

Stand Complete

Metro Made | Pimping the Manfrotto Nano 5001B Lightstand

Since February 2006, the humble blog Strobist fashioned by seasoned media photographer David Hobby, has spawned an army of photographers wielding small off camera strobes, producing stunning and technically challenging imagery. By using light weight equipment, smart thinking, public discourse, open-source education, and creative and often unconventional light modification sources, the Strobist movement has taught 1000’s of […]


Metro Made | Modding the SRM 710 Knife

Been a little while since I’ve posted a build log, a LOT of working going out the door. So, this is an older mod but one worth posting, it is a modification of one of my favourite budget knives, the hotly debated Sanrenmu 710. Sanrenmu is a knife and tool manufacturer based in China and […]

Art Deco Loris PFS Forks 2

Metro Made | Art Deco Loris PFS Slingshot

Sometimes you just gotta. Made from over 60 individual parts, the Art Deco Loris follows the visual lines and definition of colour of the art in the 1930’s and 40’s. Made from a variety of exotic and local hardwoods, the Art Deco Loris PFS was a labor of love. Crafted from Rock Maple, Honduran Mahogany, […]

Plexiglass Capuchin Face

Metro Made | Video – Plexiglass Capuchin Slingshot

Acrylic Plexiglass is one of materials that has so many uses and finishes that it’s hard to miss when used correctly. Often mistaken for polycarbonate (Lexan), Plexiglas isn’t the bullet proof plastic, it’s the hard, semi strong material that can be made completely clear again after being machined. Unlike Polycarbonate plastic, acrylic CAN be cut […]